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HIV Drug Justice was created in response to the growing concerns about HIV drugs such as Viread and Truvada. We strive to help those suffering from dangerous HIV drug side effects learn what legal options may be available to them.

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The goal of HIV Drug Justice is all in the name: Our site wants to help those harmed by dangerous HIV drugs get retribution. Let’s hold accountable those responsible for your added pain and suffering.

Drugs that contain TDF — tenofovir disoproxil fumarate — have been used in commercial HIV medications since 2001. Pharmaceutical companies like Gilead claimed their drugs were reasonably safe. However, TDF is actually toxic to humans.

In high doses, TDF may cause permanent kidney and bone damage. Though Gilead knew TDF could be dangerous, it did not report this and made billions in the process.

In addition, lawsuits from 2018 claim that Gilead actually knew of safer alternatives to TDF even before its drugs hit the shelves. Yet, the company still uses TDF in drugs like Truvada to this day.

Those who used TDF drugs and developed long-term health problems have medical and legal options.

Victims may be able to take legal action to receive compensation for their injuries and hold negligent drug companies accountable. Compensation may be needed for medical treatment and procedures caused by the side effects of your HIV drugs.

At HIV Drug Justice, we help those who were harmed by the negligence of HIV drug companies.

Author:HIV Drug Justice Editorial Team
HIV Drug Justice Editorial Team

HIV Drug Justice educates people about the risks of HIV drugs, which can cause kidney failure and bone damage. Our site is managed by the HIV Drug Justice Editorial Team, a group of concerned writers, editors, journalists, and illustrators. Our team helps readers understand what medical and legal options are available if they used dangerous HIV drugs and developed serious health problems as a result.

Last modified: September 6, 2019